Play is a necessity of proper socialization, confidence, greeting manners with both human and canine friends, impluse control and bite inhibition. Well socialized pups grow into more confident, comfortable and relaxed dogs. Exposing pups to a variety and range of experiences early can help pups with necessary lifelong skills.


Our half day pup play is a fun, safe, and supervised environment for your pup to practice their social skills. Our skilled staff closely monitors play, encouraging and helping pups learn positive play skills. Each pup has lots of opportunity to meet and greet new dogs and staff and is encouraged to practice fun and safe play. Whether your pup comes one, two, or even fives days a week, half day pup play will offer your pup a safe and healthy place to learn new skills and burn off some of that endless puppy energy. 


Half Day Pup Play is offered Monday - Friday 8am-1pm (all dogs must be dropped off by 10am)


Half Day Pup Single Rate

Single day rate:                        $20


Half Day Pup Packages

Due to Covid 19 we are not offering packages at this time.   

Requirements: All new pups are required to have all their vaccinations, and pups over 6 months of age must be spayed and neutered. All payments are due prior to service. You must fill out and submit an enrollment package and an online enrollment application and have your vaccination records emailed to Run Dog Run prior to your evaluation appointment.