Run Dog Run provides dog daycare and overnight boarding.  We offer pet taxi services (in home pick up and drop off) for owners that are not able to drop off at our location in Kingston.  

Coming soon:  Our grooming service has been delayed due to supply chain and labor shortages but we will be offering dog grooming as of May 2022!   

We are happy to answer any questions you may have by phone: 360-297-DOGS (3647) or email:


Run Dog Run is a fun, safe, and secure indoor and outdoor environment for dogs of all sizes and activity levels. At Run Dog Run every dog gets personalized love and attention. We treat every dog with respect, kindness, and compassion and focus on positive reinforcement training. They become a part of our family pack. Dogs can run, play, learn, and socialize with other canine friends while being supervised by our dog-loving staff.

Whether you need care for your big, small, senior, energetic, or shy dog... we have a group for them. All our dogs enjoy indoor and outdoor play and have 24/7 on-site supervision.  

Run, Play, Learn...

So, why doggy daycare?

Dogs need regular mental, physical, and social stimulation for their total wellbeing. Without it, it can lead to many unwanted behaviors such as:

Separation anxiety, sadness, excessive barking, boredom, destructive behavior, and frustration, to name a few.

At daycare, your dog has an outlet to run, play, socialize and have an active day. Best of all, when you come home "dog tired", you can be assured your dog has had the healthy interactions they need and you and your dog are ready to relax together. 

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